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I love the city of Seattle, Washington. We have pretty much anything we could want here. The culture, people, nature, mountains, science, technology, business, music, movies, arts, food, coffee, drinks, sports... the list never ends. We live in a beautiful area of the world where the grass is green, the skies and ocean are blue, and the weather doesn't get too crazy, perfect for a day of exploring. I spent a day with some friends talking about life over a cup of hot coffee in the morning. The afternoon tasting beer while talking about music and the evolution of the local culture and design. The late afternoon was dedicated to searching for the perfect sunset spot for my next shoot. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of Seattle is that we tend to see more grey skies rather than warm sunsets. But was I was pleasantly ok with missing a sunset as I discovered a tasty Hawaiian-Korean style restaurant called Marination Ma Kai located at 1660 Harbor Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98126. Having spent several summers there as a child, spam was one of those childhood constants in my life. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, there was never a bad time to have it. Fried, baked, grilled, boiled, seared... the list is endless. The first half being a Spam Macaroni Salad, tasty salad comprised of cooked macaroni and grilled spam tossed in vinegar and oil then combined with mayo and other seasonings, then topped with green onions. I'll just say this, it was a happy childhood throwback thoughtfully created with the perfect blend of mayo, skim milk, vinegar, brown sugar and of course salt and pepper.  I'll let the next photo do the rest of the talking while I enjoy the scenery in West Seattle. 

Marination Ma Kai Spam Macaroni Salad and Spam Musubi

Not the sunset I was looking for, but a gorgeous backdrop nontheless. 

One of those rock beaches on in West Seattle, WA.

Some guys trying to catch a tasty snack for dinner out in the Puget Sound.

I also wanted to do a share a 2016 Seattle Wedding photo throwback with Charlotte & Jon who got married at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle, WA. These photographs really capture an amazing side of this fun couple!

 A spot next to Starbucks Coffee in Seattle, WA.

A spot next to Starbucks Coffee in Seattle, WA.

Seattle Wedding Photographer | JP Lumansoc Photography