Gold Collection


  • ten hours of coverage - We'll cover every single moment of your wedding day.
  • two wedding photographers - Two photographers will make sure you have complete wedding photography coverage for your wedding day.
  • up to three locations - Sometimes the best location for portraits isn't at your venue or perhaps the bride or groom are getting ready off site and you'd like for us to capture those special moments of your wedding day.
  • one hour engagement session - An engagement session lets us have a chance to get to know you in front of our camera!
  • online photo gallery - A private gallery that you can share with your friends and family!
  • pre-wedding consultation - Our chance to talk about your wedding day so that every single detail will be perfect!
  • one product collection - Your usb flash drive can be delivered one of two options below, Bellevue Luxe or Snohomish Country.

Product Delivery Options

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